• Power System - Solenoid Valve

    A high-precision oil circuit on-off proportional valve and this electromagnetic component is widely used in engine cam control and AMT automatic transmission control systems.

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  • Power System - Exhaust Aftertreatment Unit

    A lightweight component molded with highly complex polymers and metal and is applied in diesel exhaust treatment unit to achieve particle neutralization of exhaust nitrogen compounds and reduce emissions of particles.

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  • Power System - Sensor

    A high-precision component molded by stamping components, permanent magnets, resistors and polymer and is used for electrical connection, signal transmission and sensor encapsulation of sensing components. It is widely used in pressure sensors, speed sensors and position sensors to achieve transmission and connection of electronic signals.

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  • Power System - Actuator

    An integrated precision component molded by complex connecting leads and polymer and is provided with self-lubricating high-strength precision gears and applied to automotive throttle bodies and turbocharged actuators.

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  • Power System - Fuel Injector

    Encapsulated and molded with high precision electromagnetic coil winding, connecting leads and high-temperature resistant reinforced composite polymer and used as a high-pressure fuel injector in engines. It is characterized in fast electromagnetic response, resistance to harsh environment and vibration, and IP6K9X protection level. It can achieve precise control of fuel injection and combustion and reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

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  • Chassis System

    Embedded with high glass fiber reinforced composite polymer and metal inserts in a mixed form, it is applied to high-strength vibration and impact mounting brackets to replace lightweight applications of metal brackets.

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  • Automotive Connector

    Connecting the signal hub of various automotive electronic systems, it is a plug-in vehicle-grade connector, which is installed stably and plugged quickly and is applied to ABS, hybrid signal processors and BMS battery management modules. 

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