• Battery, Motor and Electrical Control System - Motor

    A drive motor comprises a stator coil, a rotor balance plate and a high-voltage current connector. The stator coil converts electrical energy into electromagnetic rotor rotation to achieve electric drive. The rotor balance plate is used for dynamic balance adjustment of high-speed rotation of new energy motors. The high-voltage current connector is used to input the high current of the inverter to the stator coil.

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  • Battery, Motor and Electrical Control System - Electric Control

    Consists of an EMC filter component and an electronic control signal processor. The EMC filter component is applied to new energy electric drive controller to achieve electromagnetic shielding, eliminate electromagnetic interference in control system and ensure safe and reliable operation of automotive control system and various instruments. It can meet Level 3-5 electromagnetic filtering performance requirements of electric drive bridges and chargers from 400V to 800V.

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  • Battery, Motor and Electrical Control System - Battery

    With integrated polymer molding technology, it is compositely molded with current divider, busbar, sensor connector, breathable film, etc. and can meet the requirements of safety protection, power transmission and BMS signal transmission for 48V lithium battery packs.

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  • Thermal Management System

    It is an economical BLDC stator component integrated with Press-fit connections and is applied to new energy thermal management systems and intelligent actuators. 

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  • Clean Energy

    The cooling pipe connectors of hydrogen fuel engines and solenoid assemblies of control valves play an important role in developing a low-carbon economy and creating a clean and green environment.

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